Mirror of Hope

We maintain a Kibera sanitary pads supply bank at the Mirror of Hope CBO in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya for our mentees. To donate to this fund on PayPal please select “Sanitary Towels”. Girls in poor communities use anything from rags, tree leaves to engaging in risky transactional sex to get access to this basic female need. Your donation to our period bank is not too small.

Your contribution to this fund provides Kibera girls with a safe space to discuss sexual health and menstrual health awareness. It also supplies sanitary pads to girls so they don’t have to choose between food and their basic needs. It keeps girls from having to trade sex favours for sanitary pads.

Your support in the “Sanitary Towels” fund keeps girls educated with life skills, keeps them from abuse, and provides needed resources to InspireHER STEM.

To keep a Kibera girl in school and provide equal access to STEM resources:

Our mission at InspireHER STEM is to connect underprivileged school girls with  Career role models so we can advance career exposure and life skills development.