Support the mission to close the gender gap with our learn by doing gender based STEM curriculum.

Support the mission to close the gender gap in STEM with a real world problem solving experience project.

Experience a day in the life of our beneficiaries who are school-aged girls that live in slums, refugee camps, and rural Kenya surviving below $1 a day.

Visit Kenya with our service learning immersion crew for a fulfilling youth exchange leadership development experience.

A day in the life of you is a work based exposure learning experience in your professional life or corporate office. 

No matter your level of skills, or location, there is always an opportunity to learn from mentors and mentees with a virtual trip or behind the scene work tours.

Our partners donate event space, transportation for youth learning exchange, fundraising events, host brainstorming workshops, panel discussions, team building activities, round table talks, women empowerment sessions, and provide opportunities for our founder, mentors, and our beneficiaries to meet other women leaders that are solving real-world problems.

Invite an InspireHER STEM speaker to your social club, school, church, parent meetings, teacher training, or youth clubs to learn more about our work in Kenya and beyond. 

Teacher Training rural Nicaragua

Our program combines cultural learning, Outside experiences , global citizenship and community-based service learning opportunities for an all round global ready workforce.