We are on a mission to Equip, Inspire, and connect underprivileged girls with STEM economic empowerment and life skills exposure.

Only 39% of  remote and rural girls attend secondary school. This creates a persistence gender and diversity gap in qualified STEM talent.

The cultural perceptions on the role of a girl in the society reduces her employment opportunities and entrepreneurial prospects. She  spends on average 40 billion hours a year compared to boys walking long distances to  collect water, firewood(fuel) and being a caregiver.

You Educate a Girl, So You Can Give Her an Equal Chance To:



Improved Health Outcomes



Better Education for the Community

Create Income for a Family

Better Child Nutrition

Studies show impact in educational careers should start early to reduce gender differences in STEM outcomes.

You are the influence that dispels the stereotypes on who belongs in

STEM education and STEM workforce.