Our goal is to boost students’ confidence in innovation, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills while enhancing collaboration to prepare them for the modern workforce.

Less than 50% of girls in high school have met a role  model in STEM and 73% of women in STEM feel like an outsider in a male dominated industry.

Coupled with the lack of enough Female science and math teachers in refugee camps, slums, rural formal and informal schools, there is an even lower chance of a girl pursuing STEM as a career option.

What We Do

We support the next generation science teachers through customized hands-on lessons that incorporate career preparation skills and implement the engineering design process in school curriculums for a blended project based learning experience for students.

We build teachers’ confidence in technology use by integrating edtech resources in their teaching while providing real-world examples from our professional career experiences.


You close the Gender Divide in technical confidence and the number of women that are science and math teachers. We develop educator skills in creating digital learning resources that support 21st-century workforce innovation and digital citizenship for our students.