We are role models  mentoring, educating

and providing exposure from classroom learning to real-world Science, Technology, Engineering,  Math (STEM) and problem solving life skills to the next generation of women leaders.

We Equip, Inspire and Connect vulnerable girls and women affected by poverty.

STEM Education for Girls

   We provide girls’ secondary education in fighting poverty, facilitate girls code and cyber security skills learning, and invest in young rural women’s access to leadership development, technology and engineering design skills. 

Women's Leadership

Graduates from our program pursue a STEM major at tertiary level education, start a well-rounded, fast-track career pathway in cyber security, and create green science and technology jobs for women’s economic development and better community health outcomes.

 Menstrual Health Education

Due to menstrual stigma and lack of affordable access to sanitary products, vulnerable  girls and women develop reproductive tract infections and miss critical classroom STEM learning. We facilitate life skills mentoring, supply sanitary pads and provide access to empowering digital learning resources to make informed choices on women’s rights.

Educating Girls to Design, Create and Lead for Change.

Ripple Impact

100% of our beneficiaries return to be peer mentors, community change-makers, financial supporters or promote design thinking education in fighting poverty, equal access to girls education, and protecting the environment in their communities.


of students that received and completed an InspireHER STEM hands-on immersion scholarship, chose to study a STEM degree at University.


of returning mentors, parents and secondary school students recommend our programs to their school, teachers, community leaders and host organizations.

100% sponsored students become science, technology, math and social club school leaders.

100% sponsored students become science, technology, math and social club school leaders.

Education sponsorships and mentor matches empower school girls with the stability to be a voice for change.

  Together we keep girls learning

Thank you for transforming the lives of vulnerable girls who would otherwise not have an opportunity to learn, design, create and lead in STEM.